The Healthy Vending Machine Trend

Healthy Vending Machine Trend


At Chem-Free Systems, Inc, we work closely with our clients to provide the best water vending machines on the market. We are dedicated to providing all our client’s top of the line vending machines so that in turn their customers will be 100% satisfied with the water quality they receive. Recently we have had several clients bring up the trend in healthy vending machines that have helped to increase their sales.

As more people are becoming health conscience we are seeing a growing trend in water vending. More and more people are turning to water rather than soda. Schools are removing soda machines and putting in water vending machines. Parents are buying water rather than soda or juice. As an owner of a water vending unit this is great news. Water has become a 450 billion dollar market and this trend increases potential sales by marketing to customers that already want the product you are offering.

Along with the trend to stay healthy and hydrated with water rather than the sugary alternative recent news articles have cast light on the environmental detriments to buying bottled water as well as the health detriments due to the bottles of water themselves. As more people become aware of these problems with bottled water they will be searching for clean tasting, cheap alternatives to the bottles they are currently buying. The water vending equipment we provide is a much cheaper alternative to buying individual bottles of water and every water vending unit we sell produces clean, fresh water.

Chem-Free Systems Inc offers you the water vending machine business opportunity of a lifetime by enabling you to take advantage of the tremendous growth opportunities with owning your own reverse osmosis water vending business. Carve out your own niche within your community by providing one of the most marketable products on earth; clean, great tasting, pure drinking water. The water vending machines for sale at Chem-Free Systems make it easy and affordable to help your customers cut down the calories and stay healthy and hydrated making them the ideal method for your customers to get the water they want.  Check out our selection of water vending units to learn more about each unit and the water vending business opportunities Chem-Free Systems has available. We are the leaders in Commercial and Industrial Coin-Operated Self Serve Water Vending Machines and Water Purification systems. Our products literally turn water into cash.


By: Edward Gale