The “YUCK” Factor

As an indication of the sorry state of drinking water in the United States the solution decided upon by our leaders is to supplement the ever growing shortage of drinkable water with recycled toilet waste.  If you think that I am exaggerating or making up tales this is the current scenario in over 15 states in our country.  Places like Florida, California, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico are actively building treatment plants to “blend” this waste form into the major sources of water used for drinking.  For decades this water was given some basic treatment to remove solids and then added to storm water runoff and used to water golf courses, public planted areas and such.  Within the past several years the regular sources of water used for drinking have been either degraded from various sources, dried up due to less snowfall in the mountains or drought.  The extent of this continuing shortage has caused the leaders of the public water treatment industry to seek alternative sources.  Since nature cannot be modified to create more water from its normal ways, “NEW” ideas had to be developed.  The easiest being to use water that had been used for flushing toilet waste and, with so called advanced treatment methods, make this water drinkable.  You might ask if long term tests were made to determine if the bacteria and viruses were destroyed and if they, over time, would ever develop a resistance.  You would get a no answer.  Its scary to think that bacteria, which survives in even the most hostile environments, will not do so in this case.  Only time will tell.