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Purified Drinking Water

In most water shortage states such as Florida, California, Arizona and so on, they have taken to using toilet or waste water to add to the existing water supply?

Sounds gross, huh? As gross as that sounds it is all too true and the use of these water treatment methods is only going to expand worldwide as good water sources start to dry up.

But there’s more. Read how the process works. The water is cleaned and filtered of solid objects and the wastewater is disposed of in the same fashions as are currently being done today. This “cleaned” liquid is then given a dose of chlorine or other forms of disinfection which is then pumped into deep wells above the aquifer.  The theory behind this method of water treatment is the soil this liquid is leeched into will further “clean” the water as it slowly sinks into the aquifer.  When the water is removed for use, it is then treated in the typical fashions and processes as is now being done.

The problem with these water treatment methods that has not been addressed is the abundant bacteria and viruses that will survive the initial water treatment.  No long term studies have been conducted to determine if any new forms of bugs and/or viruses are developing or have become resistant to the chemicals used in this kinds of water treatment.  Many different types of viruses and bacteria, which have survived millions of years, may now emerge from this new source of water.  The belief is that since the water is getting treated at two levels, one before it is placed into the deep well and two after it is used from the aquifer, the end result will be water clean enough to drink.

But who knows, maybe years from now we will start seeing strange diseases pop up and then what?  Kind of scary, isn’t it?

Recently an article was written by a scientist who specializes in water treatment and a question was asked. Here is the question and the answer.

Q. If Reverse Osmosis water vending units are “tight” enough to prevent protozoan cysts and viruses from passing through, why don’t they remove other harmful bacteria just as efficiently?

A. Bacteria are essentially alive. As such, they experience a phenomenon known as “grow-through. “  When the feed side of the reverse osmosis water filtration membrane is exposed to bacteria for a period of time, such as overnight, the bacteria may be found on the purified drinking water side as well.

Although this would most likely occur when the water is not moving, grow-through can result even in flowing water situations.  Live bacteria are capable of rapid growth; some species can double in numbers every 20 minutes.  This means that the purified water side of a membrane system can become bacterially contaminated very rapidly.  As a result, none of the membrane technologies can be considered adequate for bacterial removal.

This is why all water vending machines, including water vending units with reverse osmosis water filtration systems from Chem-Free Systems, Inc come equipped with an ultraviolet treatment process prior to the drinking water being dispensed. This ensures the finished product is the best tasting and safe purified drinking water your customers will ever taste.

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By: Edward Gale