Tips To Increase Water Vending Sales

Increase sales from your Water Vending Equipment

There are a lot of Water vending machine manufacturers providing drinking water vending machines.  With so many companies on the market and so much information to sift through it can be hard to know what information is accurate, especially when most companies won’t actually communicate with you.  Chem-Free Systems believes in helping our customers and we believe the key to that is by providing you with as much information as we can throughout the every step of the process. We don’t just put our water vending machines for sale and turn our backs.

Often people get into water vending business opportunities then don’t know what to do. They come to Chem-Free frustrated that they previously purchased water vending equipment from another company and then were left high and dry. They are skeptical that they will have the same experience with us; but not all vending machine companies are comparable.  We want to help all our clients to increase sales with their water vending machines.

With this in mind Chem Free Systems has put together a list to help our clients succeed in a demanding market.  We will help you improve sales and increase profits with your water vending machine business.

Follow the healthy trends – drinking water vending machines are hot.

We have discussed this in past postings of our vending machine blog but we feel it is worth mentioning again. The health trend is high right now, there is more awareness to drinking water and more people seek out a vending water machine for their families needs. Take advantage of this upswing of people turning to water and make sure you have water vending units available for people who want to use them.

Think like your customers – who is using your water vending machine.

One of the problems we continually see is potential clients thinking “I will buy my water vending units and then just put them somewhere”. Trust me, one of the biggest mistakes people make is to focus on the profits before the preparation. You have to put some serious research into how you can maximize your profits with your water vending business. You have to know who are your potential customers –families, people working out, students, people shopping, singles?  Decide who you are trying to reach and think about what they want and where they will be.

Be trendy – Put your water vending equipment where the customers are.

Know your market and think where they will be. Is there a new gym opening up? How about a grocery store that always seems busy? Thinking like your customers will help you know all the trendy places they will be –places where you will want your water vending equipment to be as well. Consumer trends may be temporary but as a vending water machine owner you should take advantage of these opportunities to attract customers. Health has been a growing trend that has not faded.

Brand new is nice – Make your water vending unit stand out.

Customers like things that look new and fresh; especially when it comes to water. Take the time to check on your drinking water vending machine and keep it clean and looking new to attract your customers to it. Don’t let your water vending units look run down or people will be less likely to purchase from your vending machine. Simply checking on your water vending unit occasionally and wiping it down can help keep your customers coming back for the pure water you provide. Change your filters on a regular basis and ensure that every drop of water you sell is the freshest and purest it can possibly be.

Pure Water Sells.

Most customers are willing to pay for water, it is a growing industry between water bottles and vending machines there are easy ways for people to drink more clean and pure water. As people continue to seek out ways to be healthy and cut down calories they naturally will increase their water intake. If you provide your public with a great tasting product at an affordable price and you’ll be swimming in the profits. Our drinking water vending machines always have the best tasting water for your customers- our water purification systems make sure of it. Your customers can read right on the water vending unit how fresh and pure the water they are getting is.

The key to improving your sales is really very simple. Follow the steps above and you are sure to see an improvement in your vending machine business. As more people turn to water your can turn water into cash.

For more information, or sales tips please contact Edward Gale or any of the team at Chem-Free Systems, Inc. at  or any one of his talented colleagues at 800-735-2831, Para Info En Espanol Sra. Digmory Rivera 786-287-7628, or contact Chem-Free through our Contact Page


By: Edward Gale