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Water Vending Machine Business Opportunity

Turn Water into Cash with your own Water Vending Business

Water Vending Machine Business Opportunity

What can I earn vending water?

FINANCE VIA PAY PAL    $258 a month for 24 months or $517 for 12 months

Let the revenue from the machine pay itself off!

A 100% cash return on your investment is not unusual in the Drinking Water Vending machine industry! It is important to remember to keep your overhead low in order to keep your return high!

Without much effort you should be able to get your investment returned to you in just a few months, IN CASH! Many of our clients have a profitable water vending business going strong within the first 6 months.  You can actually SET IT AND FORGET IT!

HOW BAD CAN THAT BE? Unlike most other vending machine companies you will have no product or overhead costs, 92% of what you collect from your Water Vending Machine Business goes directly into YOUR pocket. And, no restocking so that you will never run out of product! How’s that for a profitable business opportunity?

Ask yourself…

  • Are you getting close to retirement and not sure you will have enough to quit working?
  • Not able to provide money for your children’s education?
  • Would an extra $1000 or more a month change your life?
  • Would it give you a chance to pay off those credit cards?
  • Would it allow you take that trip you always dreamed about?

Low initial costs means high profits

Placing our water vending units  in the following locations can generate big profits for you.

Health Food Stores | Convenience Stores | Laundromats | Condominiums | Package Liquor Stores
Mobile Home Parks | Rental Apartment Buildings | Local Drug Stores | Water Vending Kiosks
Boat Marinas | Ships Stores | RV Parks | Retirement Home Facilities | Car Washes | Military Bases

What is my income potential with this vending machine business?

There are water vending machines in towns of under 10,000 people NETTING over $750 a month! Placing just 10 of our water vending units in these types of locations means $90,000 a year in income!

Just to give you an idea of how much money a location can generate for your vending machine business we have prepared this for your consideration. We cannot predict that your locations or coin-operated water vending machines will generate these amounts, we are merely offering an estimate based upon our own experience.

Location Model Earnings Location Model Earnings
Health Food Stores Model 3000 $150 a month+ Convenience Stores Model 5000 $600 a month+
Laundromats Model 4000 $400 a month+ Condo & Rental Bldgs Model 1000 $150 a month+
Package Liquor Model 1000 $200 a month+ Water Vending Kiosks Model 4000 $500 a month+
Mobile Home Sites Model 1000 $300 a month+ RV Parks Model 1000 $300 a month+

Ask about our Financing!

We can work with you on financing your water vending equipment so you can start your own water vending machine business today. Even for Foreign buyers.  Don’t let finances get in the way of starting your own water vending machine business. Contact us today to learn more about your options. The revenue from your machine will help pay off the loan, meaning less out of your pocket… 

Become Your Own Success Story!

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