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Why Select Chem-Free Systems?

As part of the process of picking the water vending unit for your purchase, we feel you would also like to know a bit about Chem-Free Systems, Inc and how we can assist you in making the correct choice on your Water Vending Equipment.

Finding the Niche

In 1991 the founder of the company made a decision to enter the water vending business. He carefully studied the industry and realized that a major portion of this market was being totally neglected. The manufacturers of vending machines were committed to making ONLY the huge, costly units that you see in nearly every supermarket in the USA. This high cost water vending equipment required finding ONLY those few locations that would produce very high revenue.

Some Benefits of the Chem Free Water Units

Custom Systems for each Locations Needs
Latest UV technology
Some Financing Available

He felt that if he could design a smaller, and less costly version of this water vending equipment, he could place them in locations other then supermarkets and still earn a sizable return on the initial cost of the equipment. Hence, the Model 1000 Water Vending Machine was born. Find the niche and fill it. A classic, sure fire business model. Shortly thereafter, these water vending machines were being placed in a variety of locations and revenue was exceeding the most optimistic expectations. If we did it, why not you? Remember, THIS IS A RECESSION-PROOF BUSINESS

Join A Winning Company

Our machines are operating WORLDWIDE in over 25 countries and nearly every State in the USA in a variety of locations with 100% customer satisfaction. The water vending unit also comes with a 1 YEAR WARRANTY on all parts. With the purchase of your first water vending machine you will receive an Operators Manual which explains each working part in simple terms.

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Help Is Always Available

In the beginning we realize that you will have many questions and concerns. That is why we provide several ways to reach the members of our staff 24/7. In addition to our e-mail address we have a toll-free number, a cell phone number, a fax and a local telephone number. We will not abandon you after the sale is made. We will walk you through any situation you may encounter. We literally have “been there and done that!” We want you to succeed with your water vending unit and will assist in any way we can.


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