After spending 23 years in the business of selling clean, safe water it occurred to me that what I am really doing is selling a new delivery system for clean, safe water.  In many parts of the world, including the USA, this system is virtually unknown. In many northern parts of the USA people do not know that this type of equipment exists and are stunned that water in large containers can be purchased in this manner and at such a low cost.  Everyone is familiar with the 12 and 16 ounce bottles vended by such giants as Pepsi and Coca Cola. Having bought soda for decades, water is just another item in a container to be consumed within moments.  The concept of dispensing water into the customers’ own container was actually started by a fellow in California under the trade name of Glacier Water.  As with most pioneers he had difficulty convincing people to use his machine to obtain such a quality product.  Today, in the most of the USA, these machines are a normal part of how people purchase their water.

When you think about it, it was not so much selling treated water but treating it and making it available upon demand and having the customer bring his or her own container.  A brand new delivery system was born.  In Roman times they developed the aqueducts, which is a rather crude but effective delivery system.  In many of the Greek isles, this method was used to bring water into a house for drinking, bathing and toilet water.  In many areas of the world catchment basins are used to capture rainwater for various purposes.  It seems that people the world over have used numerous, and sometimes, ingenious methods to fill their water needs.

What we make at Chem-Free Systems is an improved, and very cost effective, method of delivering a high quality product at a very low cost.  In the world of business, every business plan strives to achieve this goal, since it is a sure fire way of becoming successful.  By using unique business methods, we are able to manufacture a line of products at an exceptional price.  We are based in a country with moderately high labor costs but we are competitive with those machines made in the very low labor countries.

The critical part of being to being successful is to keep your overhead and initial equipment costs low.  By doing this, the buyer is able to recover his capital quickly and put it to use buying more equipment.  Just remember, don’t look at this as just vending another product, think of it has a unique delivery system.  Water is unique in that everyone in the world needs water every day.  It cuts across the entire spectrum of the worlds’ peoples.  Everyone is equal when it comes to needing this product. Only air is as important to our existence.  Give people what they need and make money doing it.  Sounds like fun!