All across the country, people in their late 50’s or early 60’s are coming to realize that they will not have enough assets to retire unless they drastically reduce their current lifestyle.  Even then, many will outlast their money by living too long.


One of the ideal ways of supplementing your retirement is to find a means of generating additional income while not having to work full time.  If you give some thought to this dilemma, the business of vending nearly any type of product, will meet this standard.  One of the main reasons why a vending water machine, one that dispenses the water into the buyer’s own container, is so well suited to supplementing retirement is because NO RESTOCKING IS NEEDED.  You will never run out of product!  The only reason to visit your water vending unit is to collect your money and change the filters.


If you owned a busy soda or snack machine, you would have to restock every few days.  That means buying the product, then going to the machine and fill up to replace the products sold. The busier the location the more frequently you will have to restock.  Owners of drinking water vending units do not have to deal with that problem.  They will have more leisure time to enjoy their hard earned retirement.  Another major reason why vending water units are so successful is because everyone uses and needs water every day.  One can get by without needing a soda or snack.  Not so with water! It is what we call the “lowest denominator” product.  Potentially, every person in the world is a customer for clean water at a very low price.

Getting started is so very easy and takes very little money so there is very little risk.  Most enterprises need lots of capital, time and effort to get off the ground.  Even then, getting a good return on the investment is not easy.  We tell people that they can get started with one water dispensing unit and learn with practically no money at risk.  Look over our catalog of products and contact us for guidance.  We have been doing water vending successfully  for 23 plus years.