Over the years we have been bothered with people trying to sell us on the idea of having a “home based” business.  Nearly all of these ended with lots of unsold product in the garage and very little money being made.  On the other hand, having a vending water machine dispense a product this is absolutely needed by everyone, everyday, and at a very low price, is a sure fire business plan.  Water vending units that dispense purified water into the customers own container eliminates the need to refill, restock, take inventory nor ever run out of product resulting in lost sales.  This type of water vending unit will work for you 24/7, in any kind of weather, it will never be rude to the customer and it will show up on time and ready for work every single day.  It will also work seven days a week without filing any complaints.  Vending water dispensers are the perfect “home based business” since you will not need an office or warehouse.   The vending machine does all the real work all the time. Very little time is spent outside the home except to change the filters periodically and collect the money.   Take a careful look at our line of water vending machines if you would like to add to your monthly income for current expenses and help get ready for retirement.  Once retired, the income from our water units will help make the golden years shine.