To most people in the world, water is something that comes out of a faucet, hole in the ground, river, lake or stream. While it is difficult for most people to think of water as being a profitable product, the fact of the matter is that “water” is a big business and growing larger every day.  Water is not only an essential commodity but a daily necessity and as such, it offers the entepreneur a unique business opportunity.  We would like for people to think of our company, not as a vending machine manufacturer, but as a company that is creating an important delivery system for this valuable product at a very low price and  in a convenient manner.

Vending water into the customers own container is a truly unique enterprise.  A water vending machine allows you to set it and forget it.  It will work for you 24/7, never complain, not ask for a vacation, treat every customer in the same way and never steal any money.  Because of the minimum amount of maintenance needed, the profit margin is exceptionally high, as much as 90% of the amount collected.  The beautiful part is that it does not need to be refilled so you will never run out of product to sell.  You do not need a truck, office space, utilities, labor or even inventory.  Your water vending unit does it all for you without you even being there. It does not cost a pile of money to get started and once you place your unit it will start earning money for you from day one.  Vending water into the customers own container is a hugely profitable business and maintenance is practically zero.  The machines are designed to run themselves so your time can be spent in more productive ways, like finding new locations.  The best locations are convenience stores or small neighborhood food markets, mobile home parks,  and high rise apartment buildings.  If you need income check us out for your questions or if you want further information. Ask for your copy of “Is Water Vending  A Good Business?