Not too many years ago, in the “old” days, people started out in the work force believing that working long and hard hours 6 or 7 days a week was the path to promotion, higher salaries and ultimate success.  While that formula may still be the case in many places, the exploded field of electronics forces people to work smarter.  There are so many items of equipment that make work easier, quicker and more accurate that there is a diminishing need for manual labor.  Even the factory floor is being overtaken by robots, and this is causing major changes to our labor force, even in industries traditionally heavy in people.


Vending machines have been around in history for literally thousands of years.  All manner of products are now being dispensed through vending machines, some never believed possible.  In a recent article in Time magazine titled “World’s Weirdest Vending Machines,” items appearing range to hot and spicy burritos, with various toppings, are showing up where you might expect. In one airport in Russia even a first rate burger is spewed out of a machine hot and made to order with your selection of toppings.  If that is not unusual enough, in Paris, warm Baguettes, in Germany, eggs in cartons, in Singapore, mashed potatoes and in parts of China, live crabs!


Whether these machines even make money remains to be seen.  Imagine having to service a machine with live crabs.  How does one rotate the stock?  Is there a “sell by” date?  These items are just a few of the nearly countless items available in a vending machine.  As manufacturers of machines designed to dispense pure water that is treated on demand, we feel like such a boring product will never cause a stir in the marketplace.  However, the fact is that water vended into the customers own container is a big time business and growing yearly.  With water and power supplied by the location you do not have to concern yourself with restocking or running out of product. Just change the filters when needed and replace the UV lamp and you are through.  The machine is its own robot. As to the product itself, who wouldn’t want to sell something that is needed every day by everyone and at  very low prices creating very healthy cash flow.  A first rate business plan!  For a catalog and info sheet on why you should consider entering this growing industry contact us. www.vendingwater@ yahoo.com  and find out about this “boring” product.