Every day we read about a strange new app or a weird device designed to do things we never knew we needed having done.  The field of electronics is  moving at the speed of light.  Who can keep up?  Being in the business of vending pure water into the customers own container sounds absolutely boring and dull.  Its true until you realize that there is some stimulating amounts money to be made  in this steady, dull and unexciting way.  There are literally thousands of products being vended in this day and age.  Business people discovered the significant advantages to putting a robot to work for them.  No wages, no insurance, no vacation time off, in fact, NO TIME OFF at all.  No workman’s comp, unemployment insurance premiums to pay. no taxes or social security to pay.  Just visit your friendly robot, crank open  its interior and remove your riches.  What could be easier or more boring?  Even the robot, (think water vending machine), is barely able to stay awake.

If all you want out of life is to sit back, drink your morning coffee and read what is left of the daily newspaper, then maybe this business is for you.  Every so often just visit your vending water equipment and count the money.  Vending water machines are reliable, need minimum service and will provide a consistent source of money.  No one machine will get you rich, but having several water dispensing units will certainly make you financially healthy.