For over 30 years, vending water into a customers container was unique to the USA.  These machines could not be found outside the country.  Starting with a company in California named Glacier Water, machines were showing up in front of supermarkets as an alternative to buying pre-filled containers off the shelf.  Since it was less expensive to buy water from the machine, this method of delivering a high quality product at a low cost caught on immediately.  Today we are seeing this fast growing aspect of the “water” industry gaining acceptance worldwide.  Nearly one half of our sales are to foreign countries such as Nigeria, Abu Dubai, countries in South and Central America and lately many countries in Europe.  Not only do the buyers of our equipment recognize the business potential of this type of equipment but also the fact that the quality of the local water supply is highly suspect and, in reality, receiving only minimal treatment with chemicals that themselves are unhealthy.  Rather then think of a water vending machine as vending just another product, think about it as a unique delivery system of a high quality drink that is in constant demand and needed by everyone.  The need for safe drinking water is not unique to any class of people.  It is what we like to call the “common denominator” product.  Since there is no labor, no restocking, which avoids running out of product, working 24/7 with very high profit margins and minimal overhead, this is an outstanding business opportunity in the ever growing field of water vending.  There are literally tens of thousands of location where these machines will fill a vital need and produce large profits on a daily basis.  Product costs are nominal, no waste or seasons and low overhead combine to make this a profitable vended product.  We offer the best industry prices since we sell direct to the buyer.  If you are looking for a way of making money in an expanding industry with a non-competitive product then contact us to address your concerns and utilize our 23+ years of experience.  We can give you the honest guidance needed to become a successful operator of these cash generators.