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Your Own Vending Machine Business

Chem-Free Systems offers you profitable water vending business opportunities

Your Own Water Vending Machine Business


The pure water business is a steadily growing market of over $20 Billion Dollars a year. Each year the demand for clean drinking water increases at a rapid pace.  The awareness that there are many impurities and pollutants in our drinking supply creates solid demand for a pure water delivery system. There are still some areas in the world where the water is simply not safe to consume.

Chem-Free Systems Inc offers you the water vending machine business opportunity of a lifetime by enabling you to take advantage of this tremendous growth opportunity by owning your own water vending business. Begin now and start to earn that extra cash you need every month. Carve out your own niche within your community by providing one of the most marketable products on earth; clean, great tasting, pure drinking water at a very low price. We are the leaders in Commercial and Industrial Bill and Coin-Operated, Self Serve Water Vending Machines and Water Purification systems. Our products literally turn water into cash. JUST SET IT AND FORGET IT!  HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS EVERY MONTH!

When you own your own Water Vending machine business you have the ability to generate steady income on a daily basis. Our machines generate as much as $800+ a month!  You won’t have the hassles most other businesses have, such as manufacturing, packaging, or labor. You are your own boss and are limited only by how many water vending machines you put into service. Install your Chem-Free Systems Water Vending machine in high traffic areas like shopping centers, convenience store fronts, Colleges and Universities, etc to ensure you maximize your profits. Additional drinking water vending machines means more profits!

Once you start offering your customers your low-cost, great tasting alternative to more costly store bought bottled water, the profits start flowing in.  We have a finance plan to suit your budget.  Income from the machine helps pay off the loan.

Interested? What are you waiting for!

Browse through our water vending units to find the right vending machine to start your new business with.  You’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs with our selection of Bill or Coin-Operated water vending machines! Call 800-735-2831 toll-free or mail at

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