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Water Vending Business F.A.Q.

Water Vending Machine Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page for Chem-Free Systems Inc. On this page you will find real answers to the most frequently asked questions by prospective clients and customers about our water vending units and water purification systems or about starting your own water vending business. Our goal is to help our customers with the right information to make informed choices about their water vending machine purchase. If you don’t see your answer here, please feel free to contact us.

How much maintenance is needed for the water vending equipment?

Actually, very little effort is needed. There are two moving parts in the entire system which means very little wearing out. The only two items that need replacement are the water purification filters and the ultraviolet lamp.

How often must I change the filters and the UV lamp?

The lamp MUST be changed after 12 months at a cost of $40. We recommend that the filters be replaced after the machine has dispensed 1500 gallons. While the filters can last a bit longer, in order to insure a consistently high-quality water, it is better to follow this schedule. In some places the water quality is so poor that it may become necessary to replace them sooner. This is something to be aware of so check out the water quality prior to installation. Two quality filters should not cost more then $15.

Is the controller designed specifically for a water vending machine?

To cut costs most companies use an off-the-shelf controller rather then a custom designed model, such as we do with our water vending equipment.

How soon after I pay will you ship my water vending unit?

Normally we are able to ship out water vending units within 48 hours after receipt of funds. Custom configurations or special coin mechanisms may take a bit longer.

Can the water vending machine be modified to accept foreign coins?

Yes. We use 3 different mechanisms and each of them can be adapted to nearly every foreign coin. We must know in advance what coin or coins are to be used since it takes us 2 weeks to get the mechanism modified from the factory.

Can the water vending machines be installed outside?

Since the entire case is made of stainless steel, aluminum or fiberglass, and the internal parts are made from non-corrosive materials, the water vending units will not deteriorate with outside placement. The only part which might be affected is the decal. If it receives direct strong sunlight it may fade in time. Otherwise the entire water vending machine can withstand the elements. It is not advisable to place any water vending unit outside in cases of extreme cold.

How much does it cost to ship the water vending unit?

This depends upon which water vending machine model, how quickly you want it delivered and where it is going. We ship UPS, FedEx Ground, insured or by truck. We will need a zip code or postal code to give you an exact cost to have the water vending equipment delivered to you.

If Reverse Osmosis water filtration is needed can it be hooked up to the water vending unit?

Very easily. If it is determined that a reverse osmosis water filtration system actually is needed, then an estimate must be made of the amount of water that will be dispensed every day. This is important in order to buy the proper size tank and membrane. Installing the RO to our water vending unit Model5000 will not take more then a few moments. The base cabinet is designed to fit under, and attach to, the water vending machine and house the membrane and tank. It is most important to determine the contents of the feed water since pre-treatment may be necessary. We have a form which can be used to assess the water contents. <em><u>Depending upon what is in the water, we may be able to add 1 or 2 specialty filters to remove the specific impurities and avoid installing an expensive RO unit entirely. Check with us first.</u></em>

Do I need a coin changer or bill validator?

We feel that this type of equipment will cause nothing but problems for many reasons. The purchase of water from a vending machine is a PLANNED event. It is not done spur of the moment. The customer comes to the machine prepared to deposit whatever amount and type of coins needed to fill the container. Avoid problems and avoid unnecessary expense. Also, there are security concerns. Having a bill changer means there will be lots of bills in the machine. Thieves are aware of this so it makes a tempting target. Glacier Water operates 15,000 machines and does not provide them. Also, the changer MUST NEVER run out of change, which means more visits to the unit. Dirt, dust, heat and cold all affect this equipment and cause numerous service calls.

Can I eliminate the coin mechanism?

Very easily! We can wire the water vending unit for you without charge. This way you can vary the prices in the event that you want to run a short-term special to attract people into your place of business, or give it away with a minimum purchase of other goods.

Can I add a meter to my water vending equipment?

Yes, a meter can be added very easily to your water vending unit. The cost is minimal and we can do it for you without a labor charge or you can add one later.

Do I need a multi-coin acceptor for my water vending machine?

It depends upon the price you are charging. It is best to make it very easy for the customer by starting out with a single denomination coin such as a quarter for your water vending unit. It is easy to change later.

Why do you not recommend some of the features that some competitors offer?

The main question that you have to ask yourself is, will it increase sales from the water vending unit? The next questions is, will it cause extra maintenance and create service calls? As operators of our own water vending equipment for over 17 years we have simplified the operation of the water vending unit to avoid problems and make it very easy for the customer to buy the water. This is a PLANNED PURCHASE so they know exactly what coin or coins are needed.

Any More Questions?

Do you have more questions about Chem-Free Systems? Would you like more information on which water vending unit would better meet your needs? We are always available to answer questions and provide more insight into our products and their capabilities. Let us show you how Chem-Free Systems is your best solution when starting your own Water Vending business.

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