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About Water Treatment

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Three Steps to Clean and Sterile Water

The 3 step process of cleaning and sterilizing that we utilize in all of our water vending equipment has been proven over the years to be the most highly efficient and cost effective method. Drinking water coming out of the pipes of most public water treatment systems has traveled many miles to reach its final destination, the spigot. From the moment it leaves the treatment plant it begins to degrade. It travels underground in very old and leaky pipes filled with rust. Our system gives this water the final cleaning and sterilizing that it needs before it is consumed. We can include a reverse osmosis water filtration system as an addition in those cases where it is absolutely needed.

A 10″ by 2 1/2″, spun poly, commercial grade 5 micron sediment filter is used in the first stage of the process. This filter removes any suspended particles that are greater then 5 micron in size, such as dirt, bug parts, silt, sand and grit. It will also adsorb a considerable amount of the rust normally found in drinking water pipes. Something to note, the human eye can only see particles 40 microns in size so most of what is absorbed is invisible. Expected filter life 1500 gallons. Very low replacement cost.

One of nature’s most remarkable materials. We use a commercial grade, pre-washed, 10″ by 2 1/2″, solid carbon block filter. This filter will adsorb nearly every known organic material. It will also trap numerous inorganic chemicals including, but not limited to, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, phenols, chloramine and trihalomethane. Expected filter life 1500 gallons. Very low replacement cost.

While the above two filters do a remarkable job of trapping and adsorbing up to 99% of impurities, many living organisms still thrive. Without adding anything to the water, the UV will irradiate the flow of water as it passes  through our patented, dry, tubular “loop” system.  This means that the water stays under the UV lamps rays until it travels 3 feet!  That is more then enough time so that bacteria and/or viruses, which are normally present in nearly all drinking water, is virtually eliminated instantly.  All this without adding anything to the water like chlorine and ammonia. UV will reduce bacteria, viruses and protozoa by 99.9%. Our patented “dry” system eliminates the quartz sleeve, which requires continuous cleaning and allows dangerous BIO-FILM to build up. The entire system operates in a reflective housing. As a safety precaution, our water vending machines will not allow water to be dispensed if the UV lamp is burned out. Replace yearly at a cost of $40.

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Additional Treatment Method Reverse Osmosis

Generally, the only times this type of treatment is needed is when the total dissolved solids (TDS) count is above 500 parts per million. If the vending water machine is to be hooked up to a water source that has already been treated by a public utility or water treatment plant, then the amount of TDS has already been reduced below this threshold.

As long as your source of water has already received treatment then using a reverse osmosis water filtration process is simply a case of overkill, or, solving a problem that you don’t have. There will be situations, however, when it becomes necessary to use an RO system. If the source of the water going to your water vending machine has never been treated then the RO membrane will remove a significant number of dissolved minerals. In order to reduce maintenance of the membrane an RO system requires pre-filtration using a sediment and carbon filter to remove solid particles and chlorine and to extend the life of the membrane. We can supply you with a simple, low cost, backwash system to extend the life of your membranes for an extra long time. It will take but a few moments to hook up an RO system to supply our water vending units without the need of any special tools or equipment.

RO systems  are priced according to the amount of gallons per day of water that it will produce plus the cost of the storage tank and pumps. We are able to fill whatever your specific water vending business needs may be at very competitive prices.

Routine Maintenance

Whatever process is used it is important to follow a regular maintenance program of changing filters at regular intervals and replace the ultra-violet lamp every year. The only product that you sell is clean water. It must not smell bad, taste strange or have any color. Those are the three main factors that your customer is concerned about. All three of our vending water machines will perform these tasks with minimal effort on your part and produce a high quality product on a consistent basis.

Depending upon what is in the local water supply, we may be able to add specialty filters to remove the impurities and eliminate the need of an RO system entirely. Call us to discuss what we can offer and pricing. This could result in sizeable cost savings as well as maintenance work and replacement parts.

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