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Water Vending Model 3000

Model 3000 Water Vending Machine

Water Vending Unit Model 3000 – $795*

Model 3000 ProBy using fiberglass we were able to reduce the initial cost without comprising quality or workmanship. This material is resistant to ultra-violet light and will easily resist the elements if placed outdoors. Now, even locations that once were not economically viable, can now produce sizable returns. It was introduced in 1997 and has been in continuous use ever since. Internally, it is identical to our other two models, with the only difference being it’s size, weight and case material. No compromise was made in the treatment process. The unit is wet tested before shipment. All of our machines are brand new, never used or reconditioned. All of the parts used in our machines have been approved or certified by NSF, CSA, BSI, UL LABORATORIES, ANSI, FDA AND EPA.  NO ASSEMBLY NEEDED!  MINIMUM OF 3 UNITS. *

The following are the Standard Features for Model 3000

  • Solid state electronic controller/timer
  • Electric solenoid with brass valve and plastic coil
  • Single denomination coin mechanism
  • Extra-length power cord
  • Hig gloss plastic dispensing nozzle
  • All plastic, one-way (check) valve
  • Stainless steel built-in hasps for padlocks
  • High gloss, washable vinyl decal
  • Custom decal with your trade name or logo. No cost. (Nobody else offers this)
  • Custom decal in a foreign language. no cost.  (Nobody else offers this)
  • 5 micron, spun-poly sediment filter; expected life 1500 gallons
  • 5 micron, carbon block filter; expected life 1500 gallons
  • Simple to read Operators Manual
  • 220v AC, 50/60 Hz wiring available at NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Manual, non-coin operation
  • Manual, non-coin operation using water pressure only

Optional Features

Token only coin mechanism $ 45
Foreign, single denomination coin mechanism $ 35
Multi-coin mechanism, USA or Foreign $ 225
Right-angle, auto-reset GFCI $ 39
Overall size is 18″ (46cm) wide by 21″ (55cm) high by 9″ (25cm) deep. Total weight is 30 pounds (14kg)

Location Estimated Monthly Earnings
Boat Marinas $ 150*
Health Clubs $ 100
Small condos or rental apartments        $ 100*        * Depending upon the number of units in the facility

Price for the Model 3000 $795

Unlimited earning potential with this water vending machine!

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