Understanding Water

Purified Drinking Water

Ralph Waldo Emerson writes, “The water understands Civilization well; It wets my foot, but prettily, It chills my life, but wittily, It is not disconcerted, It is not broken-hearted.” The poem is entitled “Water” and demonstrates the attitude that all of us should have when it comes to water.  You see, water understands us.  It is our lifeblood.  Not only does water understand civilization, it IS civilization.  We would be nothing without it.  Yet, what do we really know about water?  Purified water, for example…

You may be asking yourself, is purified water really that much better for you than other types of water?  For example, isn’t spring water just as good, if not better?  From vitamin water to flavored water, and so many other options currently on the market, it is natural to have some questions.

Let’s start by looking at spring water.  While water from a spring can be cleaner than regular water, it is not perfect.  For example, recent studies have shown that spring water can contain harmful toxins like arsenic.  Even worse, much of the bottled water you see in stores labeled as spring water does not actually come from a spring.  Oftentimes, bottled water comes from a municipal source; that amounts to it coming from a tap.

Similar to purified water, distilled water undergoes a process to remove harmful toxins, but the water’s minerals are also removed in the process.  While this type of water is safe to drink, you won’t be getting any nutrients from it.  Unless you have no other options, it is best to skip distilled water.

Completely purified water will remove harmful toxins, but keep all or at least some of the beneficial minerals present.  This is your best bet if you are looking for a source of cleaning and healthy water.

Let the water wet your foot, but prettily.  Let it chill your life, but wittily.

By: Edward Gale