Let there be water – pure water

Drinking Water Vending Units

Welcome to Chemfree Systems Inc.!  My name is Ed Gale.  I am, you guessed it, a water guy.  A pure water guy.

No matter what it does, water does not get the respect that it deserves.  You would think that after assisting our evolutionary development and being the building block of civilization, we would grant it VIP access to the club in our collective hearts.  No, that is sadly not the case – maybe someday.  Nevertheless, pure water is necessary if humanity wants to progress and move headfirst into the rosy future.  “Water vending is the future” is our motto after all.  More people should take note.  Young adults surely are! The idea of a healthy vending machine is something people now want and water tops that list.

In the article “Young scientist of the year’s invention could clean water for 1.1 billion”, Allison Barrie of www.foxnews.com, details the efforts and smarts of Ninth grader Deepika Kurup.  Barrie writes, “Ninth grader Deepika Kurup’s very green technology could help the more than 1.1 billion people throughout the world without access to clean water.  Her prototype takes solar energy and uses it to disinfect contaminated water in an innovating, cost effective, and sustainable system.”

Kurup’s impressive technology won her America’s Top Young Scientist 2012.  The annual competition does an admirable job of nurturing confidence within young and ambitious scientists.  The fact that Kurup won with an innovative look at water purification is a good indication of future development for the water industry as a whole, especially water vending equipment, particularly equipment that advocates pure water like our drinking water vending machines.  The article is an inspiring read and worth a look.

At Chemfree Systems Inc., water purification is a big concern of ours.  It is what we do!  Our blog will provide updates on water in general, efforts to better purification, and vending equipment.


By: Edward Gale