Is A Water Vending Machine Business Right For Me?

Owning A Vending Machine Business

Is A Water Vending Machine Business Right For Me?

There are many options out there today for home business or business opportunities that claim will make you money. With so many choices how do you know what to pick? What is really going to make money, and not just require endless hours of maintenance and monetary investment that eats up all your precious profits. I am happy to inform you the water vending machine business is here to stay and is an excellent home business opportunity for virtually everyone.

Set and Collect

The water vending machine business model is one of relative low maintenance. You will not have to constantly be fidgeting with your machine, checking on it hourly, modifying or updating it daily, restocking it, or most any other of the inconveniences that are often associated with a vending machine business that dispenses any other product. The beauty of owning your own business vending water is that you can make consistent profits for years to come.

High profit margins

Chem-Free Systems, Inc water vending units are extremely profitable. We have fellow vending water owners with water vending machines in towns of under 10,000 people NETTING over $750 a month for them! This can be you too! And with our simple business model, placing just 10 of our water vending units in these types of locations means $90,000 or more a year in income! And the hardest part is simply choosing your location. The high profit margins offered by owning a water vending unit is one of the biggest advantages to any self starting business owner.

This high profit margin in combination with the low maintenance design of our water vending equipment, make this type of vending machine business convenient, stress-free and most of all, very profitable.

Cheaper than Buying Bottled Water

One of the biggest selling points for owning a water vending machine is that you provide an unbeatable value to your customers. You provide them with the best tasting, highest quality purified drinking water, at a much cheaper price than buying bottled water. Literally at a fraction of the cost. For the price of 24 plastic bottles of water, your customers can purchase over 10 gallons from one of your water vending machines.

Tip: Many low income neighborhoods benefit greatly from having a self serve water vending unit installed in their area. Chem-Free Systems water vending machines provide cheaper alternatives to more expensive bottled water. When offered a product that is better tasting, healthier and most of all cheaper, the consumer demand will translate into an enormous earning potential.

Health Trend

Consumers now are concerned with the health and environmental impacts of purchasing plastic bottled water. Owning a water vending unit from Chem-Free Systems, Inc allows you to take advantage of this growing trend by providing a healthier alternative to the plastic bottles while also reducing the environmental impact so many empty bottles have in our communities and landfills.

Clean drinking water is essential to our health and today’s society is much more conscience of this fact. Drinking more water is a rapidly growing trend and the awareness of the benefits of drinking pure water has significantly increased making owning a water vending business the ultimate vending business opportunity.

The best part is Chem-Free Systems will not abandon you after you’ve purchased your water vending machine and equipment. We have successfully assisted many vending water business owners with starting their own vending machine companies. We are available to walk you through any situation you may encounter. Our goal is to ensure you succeed with your water vending unit and will assist in any way we can.

Chem-Free Systems also makes sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. With the first water vending unit purchased we provide a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If the unit does not meet your expectations just pack it up and send it back for an immediate refund, although we always suggest contacting us first with any problems and seeing what solutions or suggestions we have to increase your water vending business.

Still wondering if a water vending unit is right for you? Check out the Chem-Free Systems testimonials to see what other people think of their new water vending machine business. Or contact Chem-Free to talk about owning your own water vending units.  Why wait? Do it now!

By: Edward Gale